InDesign FX: Spiral Patterns

Not to get all weird on you, but this effect is one of my all-time favorites because I think it reveals something profound about humans and the way we perceive beauty—and ugliness.

You start with a random line, jagged, directionless, ugly. Like you were just moving a pen over paper after drinking two pots of coffee…with your eyes closed…during an earthquake.


Looks like a hair in the sink. But if you create enough rotated copies of the line, they can come together to form symmetry, beauty, elegance. Play with the stroke styles, widths, and colors. You get sublime from slime. Grace from garbage.

InDesign FX: Spiral Patterns

InDesign FX: Spiral Patterns

InDesign FX: Spiral Patterns


Yes, I can get a little obsessed and am prone to overthinking. Still, it’s freaking cool to see the transformation take place on the screen (and I suppose in your brain). Try it and see for yourself. Or better yet, watch the video at InDesign FX and then try it. If you come up with something cool, leave a comment to share it.

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