InDesign FX: License Plates

I’ve said it many times, Bevel and Emboss is the most versatile, most useful, most incredibly awesome of InDesign’s transparency effects. And with it, you can produce artwork in InDesign alone that rivals the quality of what you could make with Photoshop and Illustrator. Case in point, the license plate effect: 100% made with InDesign—and a careful eye for details. In fact, I took a license plate off my car so I could have it right next to my computer while came up with this effect.

There’s a lot going on here, including several instances of Bevel and Emboss on the edges of the plate, the letters, and the stickers.InDesign FX: License Plates

Bevel and Emboss is also what creates the shadows and highlights on the four screw holes, adding a very nice touch of realism. Also note the texture in the paint and the slightly rough edges around the stamped blue letters. Those come courtesy of a Glow effect, with a secret ingredient. And finally a few shadows round out the appearance and transform a humble rounded rectangle into something that could be cruising down the 101.


Check it out at InDesign FX.

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