Font Management Essential Training

Someone once described fonts as “the clothes that words wear.” I know that sounds a little silly, but in a way it’s the truth. Fonts make language visible by giving form to words. And they’re also tools that help us express moods and emotions, and make our text readable.

Fonts are also software. And like any software, fonts can occasionally cause problems. If you ever had trouble finding the right fonts, or getting your fonts to display or output properly, you can benefit from font management.

In my course Font Management Essential Training, I tackle all the most common issues you might encounter in dealing with your fonts.

Font Management Essential Training

I start by looking the various kinds of fonts, including ones that come with Mac and Windows operating systems and major applications like Microsoft Office and Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps. I show where you can get high-quality commercial and free fonts. And I show how to diagnose and fix common problems, like conflicts and corruption, plus best practices for organizing your fonts. I demonstrate how to organize fonts and fix problems with applications like Suitcase Fusion, FontBook, Font Doctor, TransType, Smasher, and others. I also show some fun sources of typographic inspiration, and even ways you can make your own custom fonts. Best of all, I guarantee that after watching the course, you’ll finally know the difference between a font and a typeface.

If you have a lot of fonts (and who doesn’t?) it’s just a matter of time until you’ll run into font problems. And the solution to many of them can be found in Font Management Essential Training.

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