New Course: Adapting a Print Layout for Digital Publishing

I’m thrilled to announce a brand new course of mine in the library, Adapting a Print Layout for Digital Publishing! course Adapting a Print Layout for Digital Publishing

This course is for people with print production backgrounds, skills, and content who need to convert legacy print projects to digital (reflowable or fixed-layout EPUB, interactive PDF, HTML, or Adobe DPS). The purpose of the course is to give a clear roadmap to go from print to digital while expending the least amount of time, money, and effort—and getting great results.

I was so glad to have the chance to do this course because I know that so many publishers have great content tucked away in their archives that could be made into great new digital products. But you need a good plan to make that conversion a success. So the course focuses on answering the following questions:

  • What are the choices for digital publishing formats and how can you pick the one that’s right for you?
  • How do you go about converting old files, whether they are PDFs, InDesign, or Quark XPress?
  • What if all you have is a printed book to start with?
  • How do you apply the necessary structure and formatting for a digital product?
  • Can you preserve complex layouts?
  • Will colors shift?
  • Can you use the same fonts that were in the print product?
  • What about rights and permissions?
  • How can you enrich old assets with new media and interactivity?
  • How can you deal with all of these issues in an efficient, cost-effective manner?

Check it out now: Adapting a Print Layout for Digital Publishing

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