Up and Running With Astute Graphics for Illustrator

Plain and simple: if you use Adobe Illustrator on a daily basis, you must try the Astute Graphics plug-ins! If you’re like me, once you’ve used them you’ll never want to go back to using Illustrator alone.

I know I’m thought of as an InDesign guy, but long before InDesign ever existed, I made my living drawing stuff with Adobe Illustrator. And in my opinion, Astute Graphics offers the most impressive and useful plug-ins for any Adobe software that I’ve ever seen.

In my lynda.com course Up and Running With Astute Graphics for Illustrator, I demonstrate many of the awesome features of these plug-ins, such as:

  • Completely new (and better) ways of drawing and editing vector objects with VectorScribe, SubScribe, and InkScribe.
  • Creating precise arrangements of objects quickly and easily with ColliderScribe
  • Drawing with perfect symmetry and create amazing patterns with MirrorMe
  • Creating cool vector halftone effects with Phantasm
  • Natural and fun drawing on a graphics tablet with Dynamic Sketch
  • Using an intuitive set of controls to instantly apply and edit Live Effects with Stylism
  • Crash recovery with Autosaviour (a free plug-in!)

Yes, I know that all sounds like a sales pitch—it’s not. I don’t have any financial interest in helping to sell the plug-ins. But I know if you’re an everyday Illustrator user, you’ll quickly see the amazing levels of control and creative freedom you gain. These plug-ins are smartly-designed, and offer a ton of options and shortcuts to suit the way you work.

So check out the plug-ins and the course: Up and Running With Astute Graphics for Illustrator.

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