3 thoughts on “InDesign FX: Travel Display Board

      1. Mike,

        Here’s almost everything:

        Michael W. Perry Inkling Books editor@inklingbooks.com 206-365-1624 584 Homewood Drive Auburn, AL 36830


        I’ve got a suggestion, although I’m not sure if it’s most appropriate for you, Lynda or Adobe, InDesign Secrets or if it should be for blog postings, InDesign magazine, training videos, or even a book. May all of them. Do with it what you want.

        A lot of Adobe users are digging a single posthole. In my case, the posthole is InDesign. I create books and ebooks with it, occasionally dipping my toes into Photoshop for a cover image. Before CC, that made sense. Why buy expensive Adobe products that only come in useful occasionally. Stick to the one that pays the bills.

        That’s no longer true. We get the ‘whole 9 yards’ for our $50/month. We should be digging lots of different holes, even if we spend most of our time in one. For instance, burdened with guilt over a book site I’ve not touched in ever-so-long, I recently set for myself the goal of creating a new one with Muse. I have that app. It’d foolish not to use it.

        Even more important, CC users should be encouraged and helped plunge into all the beyond-app benefits of CC. I already use Prosite to showcase my books. That’s one reason I’ve not upgraded my website. Soon, I’m going to drop my Bluehost ISP account and use Business Catalysis with Muse to host InklingBooks.com. That’ll get me more return for that $50 a month and make my life less fragmented.

        The idea is to create a training materials specifically for those who’ve been living in one posthole, particularly writers/editors/publishers with InDesign and photographers with Photoshop. The training would not just be about this app or that non-app add-on. It’d be a high-level view and more and about how to use all of them together to manage a professional life. It’d give just enough bout Muse, Behance, Prosite, and Business Catalysis to jump-start using them. Heck, it might even plunge into some of Adobe’s video products to create a video to promote books or a photography service.

        The key issue is that Adobe now includes so much with a CC subscription, that’s its more than a bit overpowering for users whose name isn’t Leonardo DaVinci. This training would explain how to use apps or services for one specific purpose, promoting a business. It might even include jump-start templates for authors and photographers. That’s how I started Muse website.

        Something to think about anyway. CC offers so much, its hard to know where to start.



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